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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  November 30, 2017 2:35am-3:46am EST

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it is right around the corner from where the museum currently operates. they formed the negro baseball league. they would go on to operate for 40 years from 1920 until 1960. >> watch c-span's city tour of kansas city, missouri. sunday, 2:00 p.m. on c-span3. working with our cable affiliates as we explore america. >> today the un security council met and response to recent ballistic missile tests by north korea in violation of u.n. resolutions. we will hear from ambassadors representing japan, britain, russia, and south korea. this part of the meeting is about an hour.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] 8118th meeting of the security council will come to order. nonproliferation, the democratic people of korea. the agenda is adopted. with rule 37 of the council provisional rules up invite thecedure, i representative of korea to participate in this meeting. in accordance with rule 39 of the council provisional rules of procedure, it is so decided. the council will again with item
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2 of the agenda. the city council will hear a briefing and i will also brief as the chair of this committee. dprk anding to the various governmental sources, at approximately 2:48 a.m. local 29 november 2017, the dprk launched a ballistic missile which it termed an internal -- intercontinental fromstic rocket launched an area north of pyongyang, covering 950 kilometers and beforeg 4500 kilometers impacting into the sea in
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japan's exclusive economic zone. standardon a trajectory, the missile would have a range in excess of 30 teen thousand kilometers. this is their third test of a ballistic missile of an intercontinental range in six months. dprk did not issue any airspace or maritime safety notifications. the official media claimed the dprk was now "capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s." it also claims the dprk had "finally realize the historic cause of pleading the state nuclear force." mr. president, this is the third
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teen's time the council has met to discuss the dprk in 2017. repeated nuclear tests have been a great tension on the korean peninsula and beyond. .his dynamic must be reversed the solution can only be political. given the risks of confrontation, in exercising the primary responsibility, the council needs to -- security council unity provides an opportunity for sustained diplomatic engagement, an opportunity that must be seized to seek off ramps and work to create conditions for negotiations. mr. president, the secretary-general strongly condemns this latest lunch. this is a clear violation and thes complete disregard for
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international community. the secretary-general reaffirms his commitment to working with both parties to reduce tensions. meeting, i stressed there is nothing more dangerous to peace and security in the world than what is happening now on the korean peninsula. secretary-general discussed the situation with all concerned parties. during the secretary-general's meeting with the minister of dprk, heffairs of the appealed for de-escalation and full implementation of relevant
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security council resolutions. the secretary-general emphasized the need for political solutions. the need to -- the needs are increasing and food insecurity remains an issue for 70% of the population. we will continue to closely follow the developments and remain in close coordination with the concerned international organization and with members of this council as well as the governments concerned. >> i thank mr. feldman for his briefing. i shall now make a statement 1718.nt to solution i have the honor to read the
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activities pursuant to resolution 1718 for the period in12 september 2017 accordance with paragraph 12 g of the same resolution. the committee strongly condemns the continuing violations that the democratic people's republic of korea, particularly the 14listic missile launch on september 27 that flew over japan. failing -- 2017 that flew over japan. the committee is engaged in facilitating implementation of sanctions. as part of the committee's
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outreach activity, i convened a committee with membership in october 2017 to offer an overview of the expanded sanction regime in this regard. it provided a four of four member states to explore challenges and opportunities and to raise specific questions and concerns why implementing the sanctions. i also encouraged them to submit the national implementation theyt on concrete measures have taken to completely implement the resolution. as of today, the committee has 31eived 102, 89 and implementation reports on resolution 2270, 2321, and 2371 respect of lee. why this submission rate continues to be much higher that
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under previous resolution under dprk, it should be recalled that resolution 2375 required all member states to submit their national implementation report with in 90 days of its adoption, by 12 december, 2017. the committee received certification from member states, and forming the amendments to ensure consistency with the financial provision of security 2356il resolution 2321 and and continue to perform its duty through the non-objection procedure envisioned by paragraph 5c of the card lines of the committee. this regard, on 12 september 2017, the committee approved ofates to the informer list
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individuals and entities in the korean language which incorporated the individuals and entities listed. following the adoption of resolution 2375, the committee approved further updates to the former korean list on 18 october 2017, which incorporated individuals and entities of that resolution. implementation of 375, iions 227 one, and am pleased to report the committee agreed on a list of weapons of mass destruction-related items of concern in accordance with paragraph 4 security council resolution 2375. in october 2017, the committee approved the list of conventional arms-related items
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in accordance with the ofuirements in paragraph 5 resolution 2375, and reported to the council about meeting the cbw-related items. the committee is continuing its consideration. , on 3leased to report october 2017, the committee was able to reach an agreement for designation pursuant to the measure of paragraph 6. with regard to the 1718 sanctions list, the committee approved a technical correction on an entity that made the list on 19 october 2017 and is considering requests by an intergovernmental organization about an entity and an
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individual. the committee received an exemption request from one member state to allow the one .ime -- republic of korea 2017, -- ber the committee continued to receive notification on resolutionion of 2270. solely for export of the port of [indiscernible] the committee was further notified of shipments of cold through the port. on 26 september 2017, the committee receive notification orthe import of iron ore
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lead and seafood from the dprk from six august to 4 september 2017. the committee received reports on training, operations on granting visas and meetings and determined whether those activities were in compliance review. sanctions the committee continued its proposal for assistance to the from international organizations on a range of issues, including the cultivation of the dprk u.n. regional meetings and programs and a official country visit to the dprk to examine the drug control conventions. i'm also pleased to report the
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committee concluded its deliberation on implementation and a fact sheet that was approved in november 2017. on 15 november, the committee further approved notice 1 and 6. sheet is available on the committee website. a panel of experts continue to investigate possible violations of the dprk regime and conducted in number of outreach activities which are attached to this report. -- for, while recalling implementation of resolution 94,, 18 seven 4, 20 87, 20 and, 2321, 235 6, 2371, 2375 rests with member states.
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let me assure you that the committee is committed to facilitating implementation of these measures with contributing to a peaceful and comprehensive solution to the dprk issue. i wish to thank all of you and your delegation for the support my team and i have received over my tenure, which i am sure you will provide to my successor. resume my sanction of the president of the council and give the floor to those councilmembers who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the representative of the united states. secretary haley: thank you for your leadership on the sanctions committee. we appreciate your briefing as well. this is the ninth time this year
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that the security council has korea.reference to north last time we spoke about north korea's development of nuclear weapons, the united states made clear that the future of north korea was in the hands of its leaders. if they chose the path of peace, the world would live in peace them. but if they chose the path of the fines, we would respond appropriately. theirs.ce, we said, was yesterday, the north korean regime made a choice. it chose to feed its nuclear aggression. it chose to thumb its nose at the civilized world. it chose to challenge the patient's of the world against its recklessness. with this choice comes a critical decision point for the rest of the world. respondedhas powerfully. the council has taken unprecedented measures to stop north korea's development of a
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nuclear tipped ballistic missile. mostve leveled the impactful sanctions that any country has experienced in a generation. we cut deep into north korea's toor import industry eliminate the revenue of its missile program. in addition to our work here in the security council, many nations have taken strong actions against north korea's threats to peace. as north korea's behavior has become an tolerable, over 20 countries have restricted or ended their diplomatic relations. italy, spain, and kuwait have expelled north korea's ambassadors from their countries. portugal and the united arab emirates have suspended
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diplomatic relations. the philippines and taiwan have suspended all trade with north korea. singapore, formally north korea's seventh-largest trading partner, has cut all trade tides. uganda has. halted all military and security ties. the european union, australia, have gonea and -- well beyond what the security council requires. all of the countries that have taken actions to isolate north korea have acted out of deep concern about the regime's dangerous they have selflessly put the security of all of us above their individual, political and economic interest. they have won the gratitude of the international community for their responsible actions. regrettably, not all countries have done the same. all u.n. member states are at the very
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obligated to fully implement all minimum u.n. sanctions, but we know that's not happening in every case. this council has banned coal exports from north korea, and yet we have reports of the regime continuing to smuggle coal into neighboring asian countries using deceptive tactics to mask the coal's origins. this council is required that all refined petroleum imports into north korea not exceed the annual cap and we banned ship to ship transfers. and yet, we see north korea illegally obtaining refined petroleum from neighboring states from ship to ship transfer in the yellow sea and the sea of japan. there are countries continuing to fund the north korea nuclear program by violating u.n. sanctions and obstructing our efforts. the world knows who many of them are. as successful as we've been in leveling multilateral sanctions against it, the north korean regime continues to test new and
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more powerful missiles and as it does, it continues its march toward a functional nuclear arsenal. the continuing development of these missile systems demands that countries further isolate the kim regime, so today we call on all nations to cut off all ties with north korea. in addition to fully implementing all u.n. sanctions, all countries should sever diplomatic relations with north korea and limit military, scientific, or commercial cooperation. off tradealso cut with the regime by stopping all imports and exports and expel all north korean workers. just last week, the world was given a stark reminder of the bar barty of the north korean regime when one of its own soldiers fled the country. even more than the dramatic video of the soldiers escape, more shocking was the soldier's
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medical condition unrelated to his bullet wounds. while being treated by south korean medical team, doctors discovered that the soldier had parasites, an uncooked corn kernels in his digestive tract, clear evidence that the north korean regime is unwilling to properly feed even its own high ranking military troops. this is the incomprehensible nature of north korea. yesterday's missile launch was more advanced than previous launches. no one can doubt that this threat is growing. no one can doubt that north korean dictator is getting more aggressive in his obsession for nuclear power. yesterday, the regime declared itself a nuclear power saying that it quote, completed the state nuclear forced tipped with a super large heavy war head capable of striking united states. but the north korean regime missed something very important.
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as we have said before, being a nuclear power comes with certain standards. it comes with being responsible enough to know that you don't threaten other countries with nuclear weapons. you don't starve your own people in order to fund nuclear weapons, you don't bully and play games with nuclear weapons. the regime has shown time and again that it doesn't want to talk. kim didn't even speak with president xi's envoy when he was sent to talk to the regime. it has emphatically said it will will not eliminate its nuclear production and north korea is in clear violation of multiple security council resolutions. we are once again at a time of reckoning. we have some options. first, we should continue to treat north korea as the international pariah it has become by taking its u.n. rights and privileges away including its voting power. the main driver of its nuclear
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production is oil. through sanctions we have cutoff 90% of north korean trade and 30% of its oil but the crude oil remains remains. the major supplier of that oil is china. in 2003 china actually stopped the oil to north korea. soon after north korea came to the table. we need china to do more. president trump called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea. that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah. as i mentioned, many countries have made some big economic and political sacrifices by cutting ties with north korea. they did that to serve the peace and security of all of us. we now turn to president xi to also take that stand. we believe he has an opportunity to do the right thing for the benefit of all countries. china must show leadership and
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follow through. china can do this on its own or we can take the situation into our own hands. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war. not farther from it. we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it. if war does come, it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes, make no mistake, the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. the nations of the world have it within their power to further isolate, diminish and god willing reverse the dangerous course of the north korean regime. we must all do our part to make that happen. thank you. >> i thank the presenter of the united states for her statement. i now give the floor to the representative of japan.
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>> thank you, mr. president. i would like to begin by thanking the president for convening this meeting. it was requested by the u.s. and the r.o.k. in japan. also thank the ambassador as chair of the committee for the presentation of the 90 day report to the council. korea once, north again completely ignored the repeated calls from the international community to abandon its nuclear and missile development programs and launched another ballistic icbmse with the range of in flagrant violation of relevant security council resolutions. north korea later claimed that it conducted a successful launch with technical
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capabilities far superior -- superior to the previous. north korea even stated they can load the heaviest warhead and strike the mainland united states. this launch is totally unacceptable. japan launched a strong protest against north korea immediately after the launch and condemned the act in the strongest terms. koreademands that north immediately cease all ballistic missile launches and nuclear development programs and provocations. tolerate anever nuclear armed north korea. missile reached the highest ever apogee of well over 4000
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kilometers, flew for 53 minutes, and fell within the japanese exclusive economic zone, approximately 250 kilometers west of the prefecture. we were lucky that nobody got hurt. however, does not change the fact that this was an extremely dangerous and irresponsible act by north korea. this ballistic missile launch with a range of icbms was a third of its kind this year. range, it estimated has become abundantly clear that this is not merely a regional threat, but a clear global threat to all member states. provocation made
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it ever more evident that north korea is nowhere near ready to give up its nuclear programs, nor is it interested in coming back to a meaningful dialogue. for uss no other choice but to work together to put maximum pressure on north korea so that it alters its course of action and works toward denuclearization. this new launch, some security council members may feel frustrated that sanctions do not seem to be working at. implementationll of all the existing security council resolutions, including andrecent adopted 2371 2375, can bring about significant impact on north korea's calculus.
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it is extremely important for the council to urge all member states to fully implement the reptile -- relevant resolutions. the change ofeve north korea. we should also not lose sight of the fact that it is the north korean regime that is diverting its resources into pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles instead of the welfare of its people, while people in north korea have great unmet needs. we must send a clear, consistent that it is north korea that needs to change. japan will continue to work closely with council members and all of the member states to reach a comprehensive solution to the problems related to north korea. i thank you, mr. president.
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>> i thank the representative of japan for his statement and now gives the form to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. >> we met too many times to violations flagrant of unanimous security council decisions. i'm deeply disappointed that we have to meet again today after another such violation. for the third time, the dprk regime tested and intercontinental ballistic missile. on an initial assessment, the missile flew higher and for longer than any of the previous missile tests. so we condemn in the strongest terms north korea's actions and its continued pursuit of its illegal ballistic missile nuclear program. today we summoned the dprk ambassador in london to convey arctic concern at this reckless behavior. launch is notsile
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a one-off. it follows 19 previous launches this year and north korea's six nuclear test in september. the latest violation demonstrates once more north korea's disregard for our collective security and international obligations reversed as law-abiding states take upon ourselves. we have condemned the dprk many times before. along withy council the wider international community must now redouble our efforts to persuade the dprk to change course. counsel,, through this we have worked together to implement measures to curtail the illegal programs. we have ensured that the humanitarian needs of the population are protected. it's not the people of north korea that are threatening global security, it is the regime.
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directions are -- the actions are and start contrast to the long step -- long-suffering people held hostage the whims of its reckless leadership. when they are fully implement it, we know they have an effect and we know that we must exhaust every avenue to resolve the issue peacefully and diplomatically. we all hope to use military force. this would not only be devastating for the citizens of north korea but also stability for all of us. therefore we must all refused existing measures and all other diplomatic avenues available to us fully and without delay. existing measures are only effective if robustly implemented in full by all members of the u.n., starting with all of us in this security council. out theses to carry
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responsibilities diligently but it is clear that more must and can be done. was on theeadline third of november but by the 21st of november, only 29 member states had submitted reports on the implementation of the measures in that resolution. considering the threat, this is simply not good enough. forrting deadline resolution 2375's on the 12th of december. we call on all u.n. member states to meet the deadline provided update the implication of those measures. we'll continue to work with partners around the world to further improve enforcement of existing measures. we welcome the valuable work of the panel of experts as part of our shared efforts to stop the illegal programs. provides us with information that we need to intimate all relevant measures and we urge takestate to complement --
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swift action. if they do not, there are helping the dprk regime to threaten the world. shared effort to persuade the regime to change course. closing, i must emphasize is the dprk regime along that bears response ability for these programs and therefore for its international isolation. its path and can change course. a better future is possible for the country and its united people. they missed out take a responsible position to step back toward the negotiating table and comply with the operations set by our community of nations. >> i thank the representative of the united kingdom for his statement and now give the floor >> ie representative --
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condemn activities of north korea, of nuclear armament element and launch a ballistic missiles in violation of security council resolutions. this is based on egypt's commitment to the need to preserve the credibility of the regime. in the credibility of the security council.
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egypt believes that the repeated violations by the dprk of security council resolutions pose a threat to international peace and security. they also threaten the regional stability in northeast asia and the national security of countries that are friendly to egypt such as japan and the republic of korea. egypt calls on the dprk to immediately cease all violations and measures that run counter to security council resolutions. korea to abstain from any escalation that would lead to more tension and instability that would threaten international peace and security. president, each repeats
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the need for secure counsel and -- through endeavoring to reach a sustainable, peaceful settlement so the situation that raises grave concern in the korean peninsula, the settlement should include the total elimination of and reachingeapons sustainable peace between the koreas in accordance with the provisions of security council resolutions including endeavoring to revive the six party talks and negotiations so vicious circle of continued violations by north korea of security council resolutions. mr. president, in closing, i would like to express our appreciation to the commendable
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asorts that you have made the chair of the security council resolution 17 18 committed during the membership of italy in the security council. these efforts have had a positive bearing on facilitating the work of this important committee plays a critical role in following up the relevant security council revolution in takingolutions necessary measures. her efforts have yielded significant success, despite the technical con -- complexities relating to the limitation of this unprecedented set of international sanctions. occasion, i would like to thank you for your report today on activities of the committee over the past 90 days.
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this report underscores the clear dynamics of this committee which we afford great importance in line with egypt's commitment of security council resolutions. thank you, mr. president. i thank you for your statement and your kind words. >> thank you, mr. president. i thank you and i would like to thank the secretary-general for his briefing. sweden condemns yesterday's icbm test in the strongest terms. it constitutes a clear threat to international peace and security , and unacceptable provocation a clear breach of international obligations. dprk's actions represent a threat not only to its own region but for all regions.
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we again urged the dprk to heed this counsel's decisions that it sees provocation for -- fulfill its international altercation, engage in meaningful dialogue and abandon its nuclear and missile programs in a complete, verifiable, and irreversible manner and return to nuclear nonproliferation treaty and safeguards. sweden fully supports the relevant resolutions adopted unanimously by this counsel in relation to the dprk. it is important that the council remains united and the security council resolutions are swiftly implemented by all countries so as to ensure their full effect. at the same time, sanctions alone will not resolve the situation on the korean peninsula. we to pay the way for peaceful diplomatic and political solutions. therefore, in parallel to
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effectively and rigorously implementing the sanctions regime, we must urgently undertake further work to reduce tensions for copper into settlement. of thening to report 1718 sanctions committee, i would like to thank you and your team for the excellent work as chair of this important committee. the committee has a critical role in in permitting the resolution stopped about this counsel in order for them to have the desired effect. the committee and its panel of experts to continue its outreach and sanctionses and imitation as well as the support and crosscutting effort. further efforts are already underway more can be done and we look forward to continuing discussions on how to enhance the effectiveness of the restricted measures. the responsibility to protect and uphold the well-being of its people indisputably false with
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the government of dprk. its people continues to suffer from serious human rights violations and a brave humanitarian situation. the humanitarian situation remains a serious concern. the measures adopted by the council were never intended to have a negative effect on humanitarian assistance. therefore, recent reports that sanctions are having adverse consequences and on humanitarian organizations ability to respond to these needs are deeply concerning. these challenges need to be addressed and principles need to be adhered to. in this regard, we look forward to discussions within the committee with input from the panel of experts and relevant bodies on how to ensure the diverse solutions are implemented as intended and rigorously, while at the same
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time, ensuring that humanitarian aid reaches those in need of assistance. i thank you. >> i thank the representative from sweden and for his kind tods and i give the floor the representative of ukraine. president, i think you. this launch forces the growing nuclear threat in the region. despite immense political and diplomatic efforts to hold the program, we've seen no signs of dprk's intentions of changing its behavior. seriouslyeady undermined the nonproliferation regime as a whole.
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we state that ukraine resolutely capable of carrying a nuclear payload conducted on november 28, 2017, by the dprk. aimed ativered acts development of more powerful missiles as well as his threat to use nuclear weapons seriously endangers not only the security stabilityity of beyond the caribbean -- korean peninsula. we call upon the dprk leadership to stop these provocations immediately. join the previous speakers in commending your efforts, mr. president, as chair of the committee aimed at ensuring full implementation of the security council resolutions related to dprk. we welcome significant expansion
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of the relevant sanctions according to the recent council decisions as well as dynamic outreach activities conducted 50 and the panel of experts. in conditional -- unconditional full compliance is one of the key requisites to lower the level of the nuclear threat in the region and to curb the ability of the north koreans to carry out the provocations. in this regard, we endorse constructive work of the committee during the reporting theod in accordance with resolutions. the specific in results of these measures are important for strengthening objectivists -- effectiveness and efficiency of the regime. to conclude, i wish to say that yesterday's provocation dampened with for resuming dialogue
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north korea. frankly, after 2.5 months of no tests and launches, there appeared a glimmer of hope that such a dialogue was not out of reach. clearly the north korean regime is not interested in talks. instead, it is trying recklessly nuclearn the status of weapons states, which will never be tolerated by the international committee anyway. as for president, ukraine stands ready to engage constructively with all partners to change the current situation and move closer to the nuclear that's denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of ukraine for his statement and his kind words. i now get the four to the representative from china. president, i wish to
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you for the briefings. china expresses its great concern over and opposition to the latest missile launch by the dprk. it strongly urges the dprk to comply with relevant security council resolutions and c-sections at escalate the tensions on the korean peninsula. in the recent past, the overall situation on the peninsula was stable. which provided a window of opportunity for diplomatic efforts. regrettably, this window failed to lead to resumption of dialogue and negotiations. issue on the korean
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peninsula has lasted for over two decades. during this time, the most valuable experience gained is that when the parties new toward each other and engaged in virtuous interaction, agreement could be reached as a result. most important lesson is that when the parties adopted a tough stance and misjudged each other, the chances for peace would pass them by. this year, the security council has unanimously adopted 2371, 2375.356, these resolutions have demonstrated the united position of the international community against the development by the dprk of nuclear ballistic missile capacities. internationalthe nonproliferation regime and stressed the importance of
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reducing tension on the peninsula by the parties concerned, reiterating the necessity of maintaining peace and stability on the korean peninsula and in northeast asia as a whole. seeking'm committed to settlement through peaceful diplomatic and ago shedding means. and means for emphasizing people's livelihood in the dprk should not be negatively impacted. in view of the current grave situation on the korean peninsula, the top right -- priority is for all parties to and cumbrian julian strictly relevant to you and counsel resolutions and strive for early resumption of dialogue and negotiations. china always stands for the nuclearization of the korean peninsula. with the means to achieve a settlement and impose conflict
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and caps on peninsula. aina has put forward suspension proposal, suspension by the dprk of nuclear missile activities and suspension by the u.s. and joint military proposed and china promoting parallel progress in denuclearization and establishment of a piece mechanism on the peninsula. the russian federation also has put forward the idea of a phased approach to the settlement of the issues of the korean peninsula on the basis of the above proposals, china and the russian federation issue a joint statement on july 4 fish you're proposing a roadmap for the settlement of the korean peninsula's problems. the joint initiative of china and russia is practical and feasible and is aimed at promoting peaceful settlement the nuclear issue of the korean
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peninsula and maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula, which we hope will elicit response and support from the parties concerned. in the current situation, the council needs to shoulder its historic responsibility by prompting parties to take integrated measures the andalled through peaceful political means by maintaining peace and stability on the korean peninsula. china will continue to implement the relevant security council resolutions in their entirety and together with the parties concerned, continue to play an active and constructing role in the koreantlement of peninsula and long-term peace and stability on the peninsula. all thepects that parties, the main parties concerned in particular, will make their own efforts.
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endheir own efforts to this by honoring their commitments. in a constructive manner. china believes the committee's work should be conducive to the realization of denuclearization of the korean peninsula, the maintenance of peace and stability on the peninsula and the promotion of dialogue and negotiation among the parties concerned with a view to finding a solution. a panel of experts must act in strict compliance with its mandate and conduct its work under objectivity and impartiality on the basis of substantiated evidence. it should not negatively impact military and efforts. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of and nowr his statement
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recognize the representative of ethiopia. on the briefing on the ballistic missile test yesterday by the people's republic of korea, a violation of the relevant resolutions. for the past three months, we have been hopeful that the tension in the korean peninsula would be subsiding. thate less optimistic there was reasonable ground for a diplomatic way out from the very dangerous stalemate. this undermined the hope that we have, but we are still convinced that it is not proper to abandon this hope because in our view, there is no other acceptable
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option. , assolution is political the under secretary said a while ago. many who spoke before me have changed dprk has approach and behavior. we agree. meantime, everything should be done to avoid any escalation and all efforts should be made for de-escalation. it will not be easy, but we believe all those who are in a position to make a difference should spare no effort in a united fashion toward finding a peaceful, diplomatic, and political solution to the situation in accordance with the relevant security council resolutions. in the meantime, assuring full implementation with security council resolutions remain very
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critical. we appreciate the briefing by the ambassador activities of the committee and command the manner in which he is guiding the work of this committee. we welcome the outreach activities conducted during that time. with full and effective in limitation of relevant council resolutions, the increase in the number of reports received following the outreach activities undertaken by the chair attest to this fact. reaffirmingude by our commitment to continue fulfilling obligations in this result -- risk -- in this regard and we look forward to finding of political approach for
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resulting -- resolving the crisis we are facing in the korean peninsula. representative from ethiopia for his statement and i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> we would like to express our gratitude to you as chair of the 1718 committee for your presentation of the 90 day report and also to the undersecretary general for his dprking on the launch by of a ballistic missile on the 20th of november. pyongyangolation by of security council resolution is cause for deep disappointment. once again we had to take stock of the fact that prospects for normalizing the situation on the korean peninsula continue to be very distant.
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doubt, this further demonstrates the open disregard ofthe dprk of the demand resolutions of security council and the norms of international law justifies the strongest condemnation. russia does not accept the dprk goal for acquiring status of a nuclear power and has supported all un security council resolutions demanding an end to the missile and nuclear programs up pyongyang in the interest of the new rising the korean peninsula. at the same time, it is clear there is no military solution to the problems on the korean peninsula. in the current conditions we strongly call on all concerned this spiral of tension which seems to follow
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each cycle of reaction and isounter reaction it essential to take a step back and carefully weigh the consequences of each move, to revise the policy of new -- mutual threats and intimidation because this policy only leads to consequences or goals that are opposite of those that are sought after. of the entiret international community to resolve the situation on the korean peninsula must be done only through peaceful means. meantime, to stay of the region did not show their readiness to a due attention to the political power as components of all the sanctions resolutions including resolution 2375. the situation will continue to deteriorate, moving in a vicious circle. againstident, sanctions pyongyang are simply an instrument aimed at involving it
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in constructive negotiations and should not be used to strangle the dprk or worsen the humanitarian situation. this in particular pertains to the illegal unilateral restrictions that strike at the civilian sector that have no link to the missile and nuclear programs of the country. over the past 2.5 months, the united states and its allies seem to have tried the patience of young a with its activities, including unplanned and .ndeclared military maneuvers and just recently announced the military and air exercises by the united states and south korea are the borders of the dprk that were just announced last week.
3:35 am
calmst the backdrop of the and quiet by pyongyang of these hostile moves against the dprk forced us to really think about insanity of the statements by washington about his preference for peaceful means of resolving the crisis around the dprk. we believe at this time it should been used for concrete steps to establish direct contact with pyongyang rather increasing tension. copper is a solution to the problem is possible on the a framework of a conference of military and political detente in eastern northern asia, easing military confrontation in establishing trust among countries of the region. this is precisely the approach that was proposed by russia in china and their joint statement on the fourth of july.
3:36 am
they proposed a roadmap of the gradual move toward the settlement, starting with the principle of suspension for -- which envisions the dprk stopping missile and nuclear tests while at the same time united states and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises. way in turn would paves the to discussing the principles of peaceful coexistence between washington and pyongyang and resumption of inter-korean dialogue. think everyone must be clear that moving toward a comprehensive settlement of the problems of the korean peninsula will be difficult as long as dprk will feel that security is threatened. it is precisely this way that yang rank -- john interprets extreme military activity in the region that
3:37 am
takes the form of regular large-scale maneuvering and exercises by the united states and its allies including sending strategic palmers, naval task force is an aircraft carriers to the region. additional destabilizing factors in the region, ramping up on the territory of the republic of the missilents of systems. we stated more than once that these kind of moves are not only an irritant but overall undermine military balance in the region and also threaten the security of neighboring states. involvedall countries must do everything they can not to provoke each other but rather to show restraint, and not to allow further steps that could escalate tensions further. this, wetion with strongly urge the dprk to stop its missile and nuclear tests
3:38 am
and we call on the united states and republic of korea to refrain from their large-scale and unplanned military maneuvers that started as beginning of december that will only inflame an already explosive situation. mr. president, the position of russia on resolving the situation around the korean peninsula remains unchanged. an effective search for a long-term and mutually acceptable solution to a range of problems can only be done through tireless and active diplomatic efforts, and in this context, we call on all sides to immediately begin work on finding a formula for a political and diplomatic settlement. rationalsee any alternative to this path. thank you. i give the floor to the
3:39 am
representative of the republic of korea. >> mr. president, let me also begin by thanking you for convening this emergency meeting of the security council on north korea's long-range political -- in november. i'm grateful for this opportunity to take part in discussions on this urgent and important issue. special thanks go to the undersecretary for his briefing and to you, mr. president, for ofr 90 day report as chair the 1718 committee. -- president, north korea with yet another ballistic missile launch yesterday. we are taken aback by the degree of recklessness on the part of north korea, acting in defiance against the entire international sendingy which has been a unified message to stop further provocations.
3:40 am
countries across virtually all continents have recently taken robust measures against north korea's illicit program for weapons of mass destruction. through full only in limitation of the relevant u.s. security council resolutions, but also through other voluntary means available such as curtailing commercial thesactions or downsizing diplomatic presence and relations with north korea. concertedd these actions by the whole international committee that north korea came up with yet another launch of ballistic missile with intercontinental range. recently cannot and should not take such reckless provocation less seriously than other provocations by north korea. for the past two months, some view the absence of north korean provocations following the launch on september 15, might indicate that north korea was finally awakened to a stark
3:41 am
reality. others had high hopes that north korea would continue its restraint in the spirit of the resolution that we all adopted by consensus at the previous session of the general assembly earlier this month. some even saw a possible window of opportunity from this relatively long silence as my tip the balance toward an easing of tensions on the korean peninsula. these well-intentioned folks may well evaporate following north korea's missile provocation yesterday. but it is premature yet to give up our hope. the road toward denuclearize north korea has proven to be extremely bumpy, but we should not stop here due to frustration. narrow as it may be, there is still a window of opportunity. we need to remain patient and persistent in our diplomatic efforts to bring north korea back to the negotiating table.
3:42 am
the security council should never stop sending out an equivocal message that a nuclear north korea with nuclear capability is unacceptable to renew its unwavering commitment to ending tension and pressure until north korea finally abandons its nuclear missile program. north korea must not take lightly the message coming out of today's meeting of the security council. if north korea continues to underestimate or miscalculate the firm resolve of the international committee, it will transpire to be a great mistake. reawaken fromould its false sense of security. we urge john gangwon's again to seize the rapidly closing window of opportunity to resolve its nuclear program peacefully and thereby ensure its security. as has been repeatedly emphasized loud and clear, the international committee is ready to provide a better future for north korea
3:43 am
the on c-span3, a hearing on global security threats with testimony from fbi director christopher wray. and nicholas rasmussen. beginning at five -- 5:00 eastern. later, financial sanctions like those imposed on iran and north korea. that is live at 2:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. we also have live coverage on or your phone with the c-span radio app. sunday night on afterwards. jeanette conan her book man of the hour about her grandfather james conan, director of the manhattan project. i think because of his entire
3:44 am
wartime experience, he became convinced that the only way for bestracy to survive, the way to beat our enemies and be a strong country was to have a great school system where we showed that democracy was better than dictatorship and that we would have sufficiently brilliant people, talented people in government and science and the way to do that was have the sat, which he helped invent and implement in schools across the country to reduce what he thought were the kind of leaders, the kind of technically advanced people that we would need in positions of power if we were going to be a great nation in the high-tech world that he approaching the 1950's and 1960's. he had an extraordinary impact on american life. >> watch afterwards sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span two's book tv.
3:45 am
>> the c-span bus is on the 50 capitals tour, visiting every capital and hearing about each state's priority. on september 15, we kicked off the tour in dover, delaware and visited 12. our next stop is tallahassee, florida on december 6 with live interviews during "washington journal." >> on wednesday, the house passed a resolution requiring anti-sexual harassment training for congress and staffs. house republicans leaders discussed what they are doing to prevent sexual harassment and other items on the agenda including tax reform. with cathy mcmorris rodgers. it is 15 minutes.


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